Friday, July 16, 2010


I’m getting absolutely nothing done at work today, so I thought I would bore you, gentle reader. Argentina now has same sex marriage. There would be some major irony if this sentiment moves north and Mexico passes same sex marriage before the US does....doubtful this would happen, but then again it’s legal in Spain and South Africa - two countries that are pretty goddamn religious...or at least that is my perception of them.

The oil spill in the Gulf has been capped, at least for now. That’s good news...and probably not news to you if you are reading this. I’m writing this more as a reminder to myself when I look back ten years from now. People on the right screamed why didn’t the government do more and people on the left screamed why doesn’t BP do more – while I agree both government and BP should have done more (by more I mean REGULATION), the irony of the left/right flip flop was amusing to me. I still find it astounding that people think regulating a multibillion (trillion?) dollar industry (oversight, safety, inspection, contingency planning, mitigation, etc.) is wrong or anti-industry...or my favourite, bad for the economy – love that one.

On that note, it’s Friday and I’m off to the pub with some workmates...

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