Thursday, February 25, 2010

delivery and price


So, Whitney Houston has bombed at her concerts in Australia. Seriously, what did people expect? This morning on the news a woman who attended her concert in Sydney said she thought Whitney had a 'smokers voice' - I'm like, yea, but not from cigarettes!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the move

So, we moved into a new place today - same building, different unit. The view is nice (see previous post). We're one level up and at the other opposite end of the building. The old view overlooked Town Hall and the QVB, which was nice; however, the church blasted the bells every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday...I will not miss the bells. I'm sure this direction will have a new sound that will get old quick, but for now, I'm feeling pretty goddamn good about the move.

the new view

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

bye bye pauline

The controversial Australian politician, Pauline Hanson announced she was immigrating to Britain. I don't think she is going to be missed. Funny, a woman who built her political career on bitching about immigration and 'the other' is now an immigrant. She has been embraced by the British National Party, who also bitches about immigration and the 'the other.' Funny, the BNP is okay with Pauline - I guess immigration is a whites only club...perhaps they can all live out their xenophobic lives together in utter bliss...

Monday, February 15, 2010

coming soon

new website

I've been working on a new website as a companion to the blog. It's an online exhibition space that I hope becomes a breeding ground for collaboration. While the launch of the site solely contains my photography--at least I'm not in any of the images--I seriously hope to expand into other curatorial areas very soon by putting together thematic exhibitions for online viewing. Also, I would like to work with other artists and use the site as a medium for expression - the website as art. A number of years ago I remember there were artists seriously working in that area, but I don't think it ever really went anywhere, or got any attention. Or perhaps I'm that out of touch, and it is all passe now...?

Anyway, stay tuned...I'll post the link tomorrow...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

britney beat me to it

This reminds me of an idea I once had about going to every state in the union and getting married to a willing total stranger (then divorced) to show how completely idiotic marriage inequality is.

Britney beat me to punch line with her Las Vegas marriage.

queer rising

This from WOCKNER.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

rat for dinner

An Australian TV show goes there and gets fined. I love that I found this on SF Gate - I've never heard of this program.

the internet is not a virtual meeting space, but an actual one.

happy birthday blog

Seriously, I didn't mean to stay up this late so I could write this - but now that the deed is done...happy birthday blog! With less than a minute to go, I better hurry up and type. Thanks again for reading and the encouragement...I've been working on building a new website for posting art...

shit, it's after midnight...

Monday, February 8, 2010

day off

I took the day off. I just needed a day. We are going to be moving soon, as in this weekend, and we are still not sure where we are going to - the hope is that we will be staying in the building. We have an application on a unit, which is one level above. So we should know something soon. We were really hoping to find something higher up, but nothing is open currently. Anyway, fingers are crossed.

With nothing better to do, I was going through the blog archive and reading through past posts. I was going to compile a 'greatest hits' for the one year celebratory post, but after spending a couple of hours in 'copy and paste' mode I decided it was a horrible idea. Who cares what I think is worth reading on this blog? Blogging is a very self centered medium - I don't need to make it more so by directing you to what I (re)think you should be reading. So feel free to explore the archive links to the right on your own...

Speaking of blogs, over the weekend I discovered a blog by a friend who writes somewhat anonymously. I say that because her blog doesn't advertise who she is, even though her posts are very personal. At first, I thought I was reading fiction - an invented persona. There's something in the way she writes that made me question is this 'real' or not?  Of course this is my own projections...something I've been think about myself - blogging as a literary medium. I'm sure there is someone out there doing it, blogging a novel. If anyone knows of any, please send links my way...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

more diss than DADT

I've been sitting here for the past hour or so listening to the DADT hearings. Still trying to absorb it all. The smugness of Senators McCain and Sessions was very telling - of what I'm not really sure? I've come to the conclusion that the entire Republican party is nothing more than a group of jackasses, bitter and twisted. To the horror of many of my friends, I used to consider myself to be a conservative (the Randian kind)...I know, scary huh? The modern conservative movement made it very clear many years ago that it didn't want my kind around, I listened and haven't looked back.

In part 6 below, one Senator (whose name escapes me) sums it all are you going to conduct a real study when the people in question can't come forward openly and talk about DADT and how it has affected them as soldiers?

...and herein lies the crux...the side that hates us (and they do hate us) wants to erase our humanity and deny we exist.

Don't ask, don't tell.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

review of dreaming australia

Here's a review of my short film, DREAMING AUSTRALIA by art critic Hayley Bligh:

DREAMING AUSTRALIA is a new short film by American artist John Jenkins, who is currently living in Australia. Echoing themes from Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz, the film creates a fictive environment where the viewer is both active participant and casual observer. The movie is a series of titled parts, which are linked together to form a loose narrative.

The movie begins with an image of a painting of Sydney and its harbour by Sydney-based artist Charles Billich, one of Australia’s most well-known artists. The film sequence, reminiscent of 1930s propaganda films, is pure kitsch. In contrast, the film ends with a segment that is shot at Sydney Harbour, contrasting the ‘real’ with the painted version from the beginning of the movie. Our iconic Sydney Opera House is reduced to a white shape in the background. The exotic is subverted by the mundane.

DREAMING AUSTRALIA is an exploration in nostalgia and jamais vu. This is best exemplified in the part of the film called, 26 JANUARY. Non-Australian viewers may not catch the relevance or reference of the date, Australia Day. When asked about the significance of the inclusion, Jenkins said:

 Australia Day is very similar to the 4th of July in the US, it seemed very appropriate to use footage from that day. Actually, Columbus Day might be a better analogy; I just learned that some refer to Australia Day as Invasion Day. There is a similar stigma with Columbus Day in the US. I have a blog that is dedicated to this very notion; rather, I write about the similarities between our two cultures, and the strangeness for me living here as an expat. Also, January 26 is the date of my parents’ wedding anniversary. My work always contains very personal references like that, but it isn’t important for the viewer to know, or to get them to appreciate or to understand the work.

26 JANUARY ends with an eerie shot of a passenger jet flying towards a dark object, which consumes the left portion of the frame. It’s the Harbour Bridge, but the camera is looking up from underneath, so there’s no discernable feature of recognition. In fact, we could be viewing the passenger jet flying into something, a building perhaps? It is easy to draw comparisons between this scene in the film and to witness videos from the events of September 11 in New York City. I contacted the artist and asked him to elaborate. He stated, “It wasn’t a conscious decision, but I understand why a viewer might look at it that way. Those images [from September 11] are very disturbing and powerful – they stay with you. I was more interested in the way one shape disappears into another.”

Herein lies the weakness of the film. Dreaming Australia lacks clarity of purpose. Is it a film about culture and politics, or is it a mish mash of shapes and colours strung together to suggest narrative? Many viewers will be put off by this aspect, and they will be disappointed if they are looking for a ‘message.’ The absence of dialogue makes the film’s length of 4 minutes and 2 seconds seem longer than it is. As for the soundtrack, Philip Glass fans, no doubt, will be delighted. I’m sure the film will find its champions, but I suspect a number of viewers will be left thinking, what was the point?
Hayley Bligh is an art critic for the quarterly AUSSIE ART NOW!

must read

This from Glenn Greenwald.