Thursday, June 3, 2010

laurie anderson

I went to the Laurie Anderson concert last night at the Drama Theatre located in the Opera House. It was great. I've seen her do variations on most of the selections a couple of times before, but this performance was best. The only thing I found annoying was I had to go pee around the last 10 minutes, so I dashed out and back in only to discover she was wrapping up with some 9/11 bit, which kind of annoyed me. Not that she went there, but that she chose to end there. I mean, it's been 10 years ago - seems like this should have been a point of intermission, not ending. Anyway, that's my only criticism. It could be my experience with discussing 9/11 with Australians and how they tip toe around the topic. I'm like, it happened. It was horrible. Can we move on now and talk about the war?

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