Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's disgusting.

I've felt like shit all week, I've had some type of cold/sinus infection thingy. But, it's finally on the wane. Wow, the London riots. I've intended to write some thoughts down, but keep coming back to this quote by Virginia Postrel on Google+:

I'm decidedly put off by the way people of every political persuasion seem to be positively relishing the riots in the U.K. and spinning them to advance their personal political agendas. It's disgusting.

Emphasis mine. When I read those words, a light went off - she had expressed exactly what I had been thinking, but for whatever reason had been unable to say. I've been flabbergasted by the way that so many people have taken an apologists approach to this thing. I've pretty much had to bite my tongue all week on social networking sites...

...and now this report on the topic from 10 NEWS in Australia:

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