Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Australian Collar Bomb Suspect Apprehended in KY: NFW

For anyone who isn't familiar, there was a teenage girl in Sydney who was found in the middle of the street of her suburb with a bomb strapped around her neck on 3 August. The bomb ended up not being real. Authorities have been searching for the culprit. The story has been all over the news, with good reason of course. This morning it was announced they had caught a suspect in Louisville, KY. I was like, huh?!? I orginally misunderstood, I thought the suspect was American, but he is actually Australian. The story is already weird enough, this just happens to hurl it into the 'no fucking way' category.

Here's one of the earliest reports this morning from channel 7 in Sydney: 

And a report from channel 11 in Louisville:

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