Sunday, July 10, 2011


So, I created a Google+ profile. Who knows if it will take off and give Facebook a run for its money? I do like the design a lot and it does seem like it will provide more options in the social networking realm. Interestingly, it might be a better platform for businesses and institutions, rather than individuals. The iPhone app is still in 'approval' phase, so that will definitely change the dynamic once it is launched - that, and opening up so anyone can sign up without an invite. I think most people will be reluctant to try it out for the obvious reasons. A friend of mine on Facebook said:
It appears Google+ decided to let me in last night and after about five minutes of playing around inside of it, I realized, I don't need another social network. 
 I think most people will initially think the same way, but as more and more people start using it there will be a gravitation towards it out of curiosity. From what I understand, the beauty of Google+ will be in its ability to exploit author tags in searches as well as creating and using them to tag your own content. Someone like myself who has various web personae, it will be nice to link these together, so when someone searches for me or nfdu PROJECTS they will get both (and more) in search results. It's not that Google+ will replace Facebook or any of the other networking sites, but it could act as a mother ship for all of them. It's probably too early to say, but I think my good friend just might end up eating his words.

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