Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Anticipation Symphony

I've been meaning to publish this composition forever. The music was created by using copyright-free samples edited in sound mixing software. There are three parts. The spoken 'robot' voices use text from personal lists as well as a year's worth of text messages, which can be heard in part two. The text messages were sent over the year leading up to the move to Australia. Actually, the whole piece is really about anticipating that move. I created this shortly after we arrived in Sydney. It was part of a project conceived and curated by Torreya Cummings called Songs from Radio Hell. Or was it Sounds from...? Anyway, I think it is kinda of nice to finally get this piece up and public as we head into our final year here - as the anticipation of another move spins towards the horizon.

Note, this composition is about 40 mins long and it demands quite a bit from the listener.

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