Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interview with Travis Mathews, Jesse Metzger, and Brenden Gregory

Early today while doing the morning reading, I came across a post on Deep Dish about a movie called I Want Your Love - a film by San Francisco filmmaker Travis Mathews. I'm usually disappointed with gay indy film, but this one definitely captures the naturalism of an erotic experience between two friends...not just on a physical level, but also on an emotional one. Interview with the filmmaker and actors here.


  1. I LOVE these guys.
    The video was hot, but I got the emotional vibe too.
    Perfect amalgamation of the two, and great actors.
    Are there any other videos of these guys?
    They're great.

  2. Yea, dunno if there are other movies or not.

  3. I did the survey conducted by the SWORD, here is my comment at the end question:

    whispering .. (when facial grind with eachother still the eye's impression from both side do tell things of the end in such a subtle way) .. during thier sex, that is the most compelling scene. definitely recomendation of me.

  4. Glad you liked the film! Since you asked, I'm in a movie thats making its way through the LGBT film fest circuit right now. It's less sexy, but funny and dark.

  5. Brenden great job man. You and Jesse created magic with your chemistry.
    Jesse i saw you in the Castro but was to shy to congratulate you on your work. So here it is man.
    Can't forget Travis.Man you are the dude.

  6. I don't understand. I watched this movie this weekend at the Houston GL film fest and this literally looks like a different movie. Jesse is still in it, but I don't remember ANY of these scenes with Brenden. Maybe I'm just focusing on the ending. Is there any possibility that there are more than one versions of this film? -Jeremy

  7. I obviously didn't get it. The characters in the film were not real people, and with all the realistic but mainly gratuitous sex scenes there were no feelings or emotions expressed. The nicest person in the film was Jesse's ex, but that was only because the actor had a sweet smile. So to what does the title refer? This is a negative and old-fashioned idea of gay relationships, far surpassed by gay movies such as 'Plan B' and 'Undertow'.