Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sooner Than We Thought

So, it looks as though we might be home sooner than we thought, possibly by the end of May. I've created a handy-dandy spreadsheet, so I can check off 'to do' items for the move. Ugh. The. Move. In retrospect, I  wish we hadn't shipped any of our items here. Not that we brought a lot, but it's enough stuff to be a pain in the ass in getting it back. I must admit that I'm feeling a bit disconnected at the moment. My body is going through the motions, but my mind is observing from somewhere else and it's making me anxious. Obliviously vulnerable (chuckling as I write that) is the best phrase I can use to describe what I'm feeling. David and I are getting ready to embark on an incredible journey to a faraway and exotic place, but the irony is that place we are going to is home.  And I realize how excited I am about returning there.

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