Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Another Saturday Night...

So, it's a little after midnight as I write this entry. I'm listening to Agnes' Release Me...I know, the gayest thing you've heard all day. Speaking of gay, I learned today that Britney is going perform on Castro Street. I'm all like, gag, but fuck, IT'S BRITNEY, BITCH. My dearest friend Kevie is about to pee all over himself. He lives above Castro Street where she'll be preforming, so he'll have a front row seat. Bitch better record that shit...just sayin...

My new fav iPhone app is Instagram...thanks, Teddy! Good gawd, what the hell did we do before smart phones? To hell with galleries and museums....don't go to the art, bring the art to you.

Now listening to George Michael's case you were wondering...and now Precious Box...c'mon, people, keep up!

Tomorrow we are going boating around the Harbour....sooooo looking forward to being on water.

Hate my life.

p.s. get off your lazy asses and dance.

p.s.s. Laurie Anderson's Another Day in America.


  1. See I loved Britney a little bit more after Glee's Brittnay did Britney. But then Glee's Brittnay is f-ing awesome and her awesomeness rubbed off on the real one -- at least her music, I don't think it made the real Britney any better.

  2. LOL....I agree...I actually thought that the Britney episode was the best Glee ever. ...and OMG Glee Brittnay is AWESOME!!

  3. lord--how I love thee... xxxxxxx

    ariel electron queen of everything!