Sunday, November 21, 2010

marrickville and the mission

So, yesterday was one of those marathon drinking days. The weather was amazing. What is it about warm sunny weather that makes me want to drink all day (and night)? The longer I stay in Sydney, the more it reminds me of LA, well, LA minus the grid. Without having a car, I don't think I'll ever figure out how this city is put together. I met up with a friend last night at a party in Marrickville. While I was waiting for a taxi back to the city when I left, it occurred to me that if I had to walk home I wouldn't have a clue which direction to go in. I didn't find this threatening, but I did find it discouraging. The only area of San Francisco that I never really knew my way around in was the Mission. It's kind of funny in retrospect  - east became west, north became south. I used to joke that If someone blindfolded me and plopped my down in the Mission, I wouldn't know how to walk my way out! That's how I felt last night.

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